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Tony Bradshaw on the Positive Impact Podcast with Joe Horton

Tony Bradshaw grew up in a lower-income neighbourhood in Nashville, TN.

In 1996, he realized he was mismanaging his money and knew something needed to change. That’s when he set out to learn how to handle money better. At age 25, Tony made his Millionaire Choice, his choice to become a millionaire by age 40. He accomplished his goal in 2011.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Tony spent the first six years of his career as an engineer/network administrator. In 2001, he entered the financial education world as part of an internet business and development group at the Dave Ramsey Organization, where he spent 16 years bringing financial education products to the online world.

Serving as CIO and COO for the Dave Ramsey Organization – a major financial education company, Tony helped shape the strategy, technology, and systems to deliver financial education to those in need.

During his journey, Tony realized his own message and vision for helping people with their personal finances. In June 2017, Bradshaw began writing The Millionaire Choice with the vision of helping anyone become a millionaire, no matter their income, ethnicity, or financial situation.

Tony aspires to create a movement of financially-educated and wealthy people who will make it their mission to fight poverty and help those in need around the world. He calls it The Millionaire’s Manifesto, and you can read it at

Tony and I discussed the following:

  • How Tony grew up in a family which didn’t have a handle on money with financial mismanagement.
  • His upbringing being one where his parents had late payment fees, bounced checks, water being cut off, and electricity being cut off.
  • How he realised in his early 20s that he was earning good money but the money was just disappearing as fast as he could earn it and he began to get into debt
  • How Tony educated himself at the local book store, studied for 90 days and realised money was a maths problem, he made it his aim to be a millionaire by 40 years old. That was the day he made his millionaire choice.
  • Why many people work hard instead of smart, and his father earning just $7000 one year, when he was working extremely hard.
  • How financial education is missing from the school system with priority given to maths English and Science.
  • Why Tony had to wait until 25 to learn the principles which some people never learn.
  • No matter how rich or poor you are everyone starts at the same place
  • You have to make a plan but make adjustments along the way
  • You have to have a spending plan (as opposed to a budget)
  • His budget at 25 was what he needed to live on what he needed to become a millionaire.
  • You must create a vision for your future
  • Study money and become a student of money and move towards to a vision and a goal
  • The 10 steps in the book that you should follow when you make the millionaire choice.
  • How integrity is one of the top 3 or 4 things most successful people mention.
  • Why time management is such a big thing with social media, TV etc.
  • The average American watches 30 hours TV a week.
  • The time for money trap, ROI and why delegation of tasks is so important.
  • The income lock problem and realising your potential is a lot greater.
  • How you can invest in yourself and what you can demand as remuneration.
  • The basic and advanced financial track you can use to assess your financial knowledge. Keeping in mind that everyone starts at the same place.
  • The different categories of money and why if you look at changing your mind set to ‘when can I live life the way I want to live it’ instead of when can I retire, it’s a big game changer
  • The problem of buying brand new cars on finance and the damage it does to long term financial planning.
  • Why Tony believes debt snowballing is the best way to begin demolishing your debt.
  • How to prioritize which debts to pay off first
  • Tony’s preference to pay off your house first rather than investing.
  • The surprising returns that people probably don’t realise on medium risk mutual funds.
  • REIT’s as a method of investing in property
  • The different ways of boosting your income in order to build wealth, including increasing your income by job hopping to boost your wage, flipping unwanted stuff on eBay, multi-level marketing and direct sales,
  • Why income that has been boosted should go into your wealth fund rather than spending.

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