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Tom Schwab is the founder of CEO of Interview Valet which helps thought leaders such as coaches, authors, speakers, consultants and emerging brands get featured on some of the top podcasts in the world that their target audience are listening to.

Prior to starting Interview Valet Tom was a Navy veteran, ran Nuclear power plants and was an inbound marketing engineer who has run several successful online businesses.

Toms focus is to use a time proven approach to and then supercharge it with the latest internet & podcast technology of today.

Tom has authored Podcast Guest Profits ‘Grow your business with a targeted internet strategy’, has worked with prominent companies including Hubspot and will be featuring at the Podcast Expo in Orlando this March.

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Podcasts blew up in 2018, and in 2019 their popularity is estimated to continue.  In the UK alone a survey conducted in spring 2018 found that there were 6 million people listening to a podcast weekly compared to 3.8 million 2 years before. In the US 48 million people are listening to a podcast weekly. Some estimates predict up to 20% growth in 2019.

Tom Schwab is truly a man in the eye of this podcast storm and well placed to talk on the subject since Tom and his team link up a growing portfolio of prestigious podcast guests with some of the world’s best podcasters.  The result is some astonishing nuanced, and niche podcast content which is taking the marketing world by storm and is pushing podcasters and the message of their guests to every corner of the globe like no other medium.

In this interview Tom and I discuss:

  • Why we are in the ‘golden era’ for Podcast Interview Marketing
  • Why audio on demand is where it is at right now and just how versatile the apps are for listening to content.
  • How the biggest names in their respective industries are broadening their audience and following by investing their time in podcasts
  • How podcasts are catching the attention of the audience like no other form of media right now.
  • How listeners of podcasts are deliberate in the content they are choosing to listen to.
  • Why the story telling aspect of podcasting really triggers our imagination
  • Why podcasts can go into an immense amount of detail with guests that you would not find in other forms of mainstream media
  • How podcasts are much more relevant to the listener and develop ideas which quench the inquisitive thirst of listeners to learn.
  • The facts and figures on podcast listens in the US, UK & China.
  • How some podcasts are now recorded live in front of a studio audience
  • How to be a great podcast guest and showing up to serve
  • The value of guesting on a podcast and what kind of podcasts guests should seek out.
  • Strategic targeting of podcasts that are geared towards your target audience
  • Why obscurity holds every business back
  • How to make sure your customers know you exist and you can add value to them
  • Why you should invest in podcast marketing right now to grow your audience and business.
  • How to tell your story
  • The future of podcasting
  • Why we are moving into an era of democratisation of ideas

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