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“A successful life is not built on your ability to add, but on your ability to remove” Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper is a successful recovery coach and writer living in London.

His most recent book – The Art of Unlearning details his journey. A journey which began with him spending years judging his success (and others success) on the volume of shiny objects and material possessions they had to disastrous consequences.

Tim realised that it’s the simplicity and fundamentals of life that hold true beauty. He realised that he didn’t need more he needed less. Time believes that in today’s world most of us are searching for a new tool, a new skill, more information, more knowledge – but everything we need is already inside of us.

Tims own experience was that under all the layers of fear and self-doubt, our true potential is already there, waiting for us to uncover it. It’s not until we remove what’s not serving us that we can see clearly what truly matters.

Tim Cooper is an author, speaker and a specialist in life recovery coaching. In his book “The Art of Unlearning”, Tim teaches that no matter what kind of hole you are in, no matter how bleak the future looks, you can get out and find a life worth living. Trust him, he’s done it himself. His podcast “The Tim Cooper Academy Podcast” debuted on iTunes in June 2018, and his new YouTube show, “The Art of Unlearning”, is set to take the channel by storm. Over 60,000 people see his posts on Instagram every week. He has been hailed as “one of the most authentic, genuine and relatable coaches in the market today, transforming the lives of thousands of people and has been featured in The London Metro, The Guardian and Women’s Health Magazine. Tim’s philosophy is – “You can never live a life of total fulfilment until you shift your focus to contributing beyond yourself”

In Tim’s eyes there is no greater gift than investing in yourself.


I often speak in my podcasts with guests about the fact that none of us get a life handbook when we reach 18 years old which will map out how to deal with the trials and tribulations of life. The death of relatives, the relationship breakdowns, the job losses and many other life changing events that force us to develop coping strategies to ‘get by’.  It’s only natural that we all want to survive but what happens when those same coping mechanisms no longer serve us they actually end up holding us back rather than propelling us forward. My discussion with Tim lays this bare and we delve deep into finding your way back to a life of abundance and congruency with your true values.

In my conversation with Tim we spoke about the following:

  • The events that led up to Tim making the decision to end his own life as he describes in his book The Art of Unlearning
  • How his previous relationship resulted in Tim losing himself and abandoning his values in trying to be a person he wasn’t, and how he subsequently tried to chase the material things he thought he wanted.
  • Tim’s loss of all the material things he tried to attach his happiness to after his relationship broke down and him turning to drugs, prostitutes and a journey of self-destruction in the aftermath.
  • A stark warning about the dangers of Cocaine use and how it can be so destructive to not only you but the lives of people around you and how Tim never thought he was an addict.
  • Tim’s realisation that he couldn’t end his life and that there was more for him to give the world.
  • The two defining moments for him in realising that one of his biggest core values is contribution.
  • The importance of being around the right people, and the tough decisions Tim had to make to remove himself from people who didn’t offer him any value.
  • Why there will be a time in your life when you have to ask the question – What is it I am going after and who do I need to get on board?
  • How you can be physically in the presence of other people but emotionally lonely.
  • The chance meeting in the gym which changed Tim’s life forever, and started Tim’s journey as a life coach.
  • How he began to learn and the idea of coaching others crystallised in his mind.
  • Why the small little things make a big difference and how the ability to remove things rather than add them make big changes possible – hence the Art of Unlearning.
  • How Tim had to dig deep on what his core values were and what he lived by, together with what he cared for in life and saw value in.
  • Why this inner work gave him a foundational platform from which to work on himself.
  • How Tim prides himself on authenticity, and that is one of the things people most compliment him on.
  • Why we all label ourselves in terms of how the world views us rather than our authentic self
  • Why we often try and be emotional robots rather than riding the waves of life and the ups and downs.
  • How Tim’s relationship with his new partner Amanda was based on a brutal basis of honesty for both of them and how this really made Tim feel finally at home.
  • How Tim’s journey in life helped develop his talent for coaching and how Tim’s first client Bill was able to benefit from Tim’s involvement.
  • Why Tim has always made sure that the objective of his coaching was working 1-1 with people as his greatest skill lies in working this way rather than online coaching.
  • What you should do to create a vision and be obsessed with it every day until you get there.
  • How your old story and programming is out of date and it’s time for you to work out new strategies and grow like you have never grown before. 
  • The mindset shift that needs to take place over and above anything.
  • How you must be optimistic and adaptable to change.  As human beings we like to change, we just don’t like to be forced to change.

Stuff we discussed during our conversation

Tim’s Book – The Art of Unlearning


Jim Rohn


Michael A Singer


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