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Martin Brooker is the founder of the Quench Group which helps individuals and organisations realise their potential through personal and organisational change.

Prior to this he served as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy for 37 years and saw operational services in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Pacific.

Leadership is in Martins DNA and today he develops leaders to be the very best leaders they were always meant to be.  He speaks internationally on the subject of leadership and personal change.

There are many people in organisations all over the world who have found themselves thrust into a leadership position with little or no warning and this can take place for a number of reasons.  Leaders can find themselves taking over when someone has retired, moved onto a different company or having been simply let go.  Consequentially stepping into this role as a new leader or accidental leader can be a frustrating and daunting task with many obstacles to overcome.

Fortunately it need not be as stressful as you might believe and Martin specializes in advising individuals and companies on this very topic.  Martin and I delve deep into what an accidental leader may face and Martin offers a practical road map to help new leaders navigate this tricky period.

In this interview Martin and I discuss:

  • What is an accidental leader, and what challenges do accidental leaders face?
  • Why allowing yourself  space to not solve every problem pays dividends
  • How to cultivate a leadership style which develops others and allows you to lead effectively
  • How to let go of black & white thinking to enable you to hold situations ‘lightly’
  • Understanding what your team are going through and tailoring your approach accordingly
  • How to build trust in a broken team
  • How to balance to two key elements of strategizing with the art of soft skills
  • Asking better questions to allow your team members to develop autonomy
  • Why there is such a culture of risk aversion and analysis paralysis in some companies today
  • The small things that you can do right now to make your staff feel valued
  • Why investing in people pays dividends
  • How to develop a ‘healthy’ call out culture
  • Differing styles of leadership and how to find out which one works for you

Stuff we mentioned during our conversation

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

The Six Styles of Leadership  – Daniel Goleman

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