Marc Effron – The 8 Steps to High Performance

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Marc Effron Talent Strategy Group

Marc Effron is the Founder and President of the talent strategy group and Publisher of Talent Quarterly Magazine. He is an expert in how to achieve high performance.

He is a Harvard Business Press best-selling author and recently released his book ‘8 Steps to High Performance’. 

He has been recognised as one of the top 100 Influencers in the Human Resources industry and has worked and consulted with some of the largest companies in the world.  His clients include household names like Starbucks & MacDonald’s and clients across a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, household products and financial services.

Marc is also one of the most sought after speakers on talent management and leadership.


We are truly in a time of great information overload when the volume of information that most of us absorb on a daily basis is simply phenomenal.  However much of the information can be of questionable credibility particularly when used as a basis for lasting personal development.  Take health information as one example and it seems like there is an article out daily about what you should or shouldn’t eat, how to exercise and how much water you should drink. 

Marc Effron cuts through this noise with his concept ‘Science based Simplicity’ whereby he distils down the scientifically proven strategies to really move the needle and improve career performance, and leave aside the urban myths, armchair theories and bro science. Marc has identified over a career spanning some decades the 8 high performance measures that you can start changing right now to move you forward faster and more effectively than anything else you will read or learn.

In this interview Marc and I discuss:

  • The inspiration behind Marc’s book ‘8 Steps to High Performance’
  • What is the meaning of ‘science based simplicity’?
  • The three standards which can be applied to information that is claimed to be scientific evidenced.
  • Why some much proven science is ignored in favour of bro science
  • What the 8 steps to high performance are and why people simply don’t apply them.
  • Fixed personality attributes vs those that you have the power to change
  • What is theoretical maximum performance?
  • How we get in our own way when it comes to performance
  • How to set big goals and the process for achieving them
  • What are SIM goals and how they differ from SMART goals?
  • How to behave to perform and what are they typical things that derail most people’s performance?
  • The incredible facts behind what really makes you grow faster and how fully 70% of your performance will be based upon your work experience, 20% on interaction and 10% from education.
  • How Coca Cola didn’t maximise the fit of their executives at one stage in the past to disastrous effects.
  • The surprising benefits of faking it till you make it that flies in the face of conventional wisdom on the subject.
  • Why sleep quality not quantity is the biggest factor in getting a good night’s sleep, and how lack of sleep has some surprising effects on your executive brain function.
  • The ‘fad’ theories that you should avoid paying attention to but how the placebo effect can also through you a curve ball in this respect.

Stuff we mentioned during our conversation

Talent Quarterly Magazine

Harvard Business Review

Marshall Goldsmith

Coca Cola



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