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Maggie Berghoff The Power of Functional Medicine on the Positive Impact Podcast

The Power of Functional Medicine – Maggie Berghoff is a functional medicine practitioner and high performance coach who specialises in helping entrepreneurs, CEOs, and influencers all over the world to Bio-hack their bodies and routines so that they can boost energy and reach peak performance each and every day.

Maggie first discovered the healing power of functional medicine when trying to overcome her own health problems in her early 20’s for which she was experiencing symptoms like hives, fatigue, hair thinning, weight gain and given many different diagnoses by health professionals. She now looks to help others who are going through the same, get back to their very best health and performance.

Maggie is a certified Nurse Practitioner and she trained in functional medicine at the Institute for Functional Medicine.  She specialises in working with private clients, business clients and offers retreats.  Maggie is also the creator of the Total Body Blue Print Immersion package and Balance protocol which she uses to help clients balance their bodies and achieve peak performance.

She has worked with Entrepreneur, I Heart Radio, CBS, Under Armour, Well Good, Good Morning San Diego and Radio MD. She is also part of a private women’s entrepreneur group headed up by Sir Richard Branson.

Maggie juggles her successful entrepreneurial journey with being a mum (or mom if you are in the US!)

What Maggie and I discussed during our conversation:

  • How functional medicine works to find out what is going on inside someone’s body so we can reverse the imbalances and heal their body, to make them feel amazing, as opposed to the conventional model of identifying symptoms and giving a pill or treatment. Why functional medicine focusses on the root cause of what’s going on inside the body
  • Whereas traditional medicine gives a pill, function medicine looks to find out why your body is having the symptoms in the first place. Why traditional medicine doesn’t allow Doctors the necessary time with patients to full understand their needs.
  • How there are specialist practitioners you can go to for functional medicine, and how it’s a  different type of training and practice altogether they go through, with much more emphasis on interpretation of the results of tests that are ordered.
  • How functional medicine is highly personalised, and also takes into consideration lifestyle needs, goals and understanding all of this in order to get the body back into balance.
  • How the challenge to conventional wisdom and medicine is a good thing in understanding why chronic diseases, infertility and other conditions are on the rise
  •  The role of self-education in building awareness of the human body’s ability to heal itself.
  • How people are being able to reverse chronic conditions by self-educating.
  • Why functional medicine allows you to find out why you are you feeling lethargic and tired along with getting clarity on those answers.
  • How Maggie goes into great detail on family history, birth, how the little things have added up to why patients feel the way they do.  Usually there are a lot of little things then one big thing which creates a tipping point.
  • How Maggie sees peak performance clients looking to increase their already high performance.
  • How Maggie treats everyday clients with conditions like Insomnia, bloating, autoimmune conditions and diarrhoea which are effecting their daily life with the symptoms
  • The amazing experiences Maggie has had when clients bodies start to heal themselves
  • How detoxification protocols and diets can make you feel worse rather than better
  • The knock on effect that good health has on other areas of life such as relationships, work, and fitness.
  • How Maggie’s approach is very personalised for professional clients, e.g. if they are flying lots this can effect circadian rhythms (sleep cycles), optimising different techniques to ensure their bodies can take stress without getting sick. She also addresses specific environmental stressors that are then tackled to minimise stress and how bodies can cope with big events, and athletic events.
  • Why busy entrepreneurs embarking on large projects and start-ups are the prime candidates for functional medicine as it carries such massive benefits
  • How you don’t need to calorie count with functional medicine but instead remove the food products that don’t agree with you and ensure you have correct general ratios
  • The difference between food intolerance and allergy and questionable techniques for food intolerance testing.
  • How re-testing is important and yearly functional testing lab work is a good starting point.
  • The incredible story of Maggie’s cancer client and the reduction in his tumour size. How his health story changed his life by addressing the root cause of his problems.
  • The baby boomer legacy and why we should all raise our standards to feel amazing and on fire. How raising your standards above what your family previously did can elevate your life.
  • Maggie’s new involvement in business consulting and the launch of her new book in 2020.

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