Lauren Adler – How to balance Motherhood and Work

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Lauren Adler How to Balance Motherhood with Work on The Positive Impact Podcast with Joe Horton

Lauren Adler is a Registered Nurse in the state of Hawai’i, currently finishing her Family Nurse Practitioner degree. She has been trained in Functional Medicine through private mentorship with a renowned practitioner. In my discussion with Lauren we talk about the subject of how to balance motherhood with work.

Lauren uses her own experience, determination, and extensive training in both conventional and functional medicine to provide private consultations to clients using a six-month program called the Whole Body Blueprint that addresses both the internal and external environments unique to the individual client.

Not only this but Lauren is also a children’s author and mom to a fantastic baby girl who she loves and cares for whilst continuing her work as a Nurse and Functional Medicine practitioner. Laurens particular interest and area of expertise is helping ‘moms to be’ both pre conception, post conception and post-natal by bringing the experience she has from family nursing and functional medicine. She also has first-hand experience of having difficulties conceiving which she was able to remedy herself through functional medicine.

What Lauren and I discussed when we spoke:

  • The fun and games of living with a baby and trying to be everywhere at once.
  • The temperament of a baby and toddler and how it develops over time.
  • How the role of women in the workplace has changed and why it is so different from previous generations.
  • The demands of the modern mom and how culturally it used to be so different to now with the financial demands of the modern world.
  • The challenging nature of trying to juggle life at home with life at work.
  • How working remotely enables Lauren to balance things out a little bit more.
  • Why roles are being redefined for both mums and dads and how that dynamic works in practice
  • The differing views regarding staying at home vs going back to work and why motherhood is one of the most highly criticised things you can do.
  • How mom’s attitudes to work can change after having a baby, the motivation for wanting more for your child, and the healthy aspect of being apart.
  • Why Lauren has achieved more in the past year than she has ever done before
  • Why as a parent you should not feel guilty for taking time out and accepting that you are able to relax without your children. It’s okay for you to take care of yourself.
  • As a new mom you should take a few moments to do simple things like take a shower or doing something for yourself like going to a yoga class.
  • The importance of not obsessing about the cleanliness of your surroundings and worrying about others judging you.
  • Why Mom and Dad making time for each other will pay dividends further down the line as your children grow up.
  • How ‘relaying’ in the first few days back from hospital is a great way for mom to get proper rest and sleep after giving birth.
  • The effect of post-natal depression and post-natal trauma for Moms and Dads.
  • Why parents wrestle with the advice that is constantly changing and the advice from previous generations. How different cultures have wisdom that works along with maternal instinct.
  • The importance of staying healthy pre-conception and how there is more you can do from a functional medicine standpoint.
  • Balancing the health needs of looking after yourself as a parent vs the health needs of your baby and how sugary children’s medicines can get them hooked on sugar from an early age.
  • A typical working day in the life of Lauren and how she has structured her life in order to give her the lifestyle she wants by operating an online health business worldwide from her home in Hawaii.
  • The autonomy and schedule that Lauren is able to work to through her work.
  • How you can envision raising your family the way you want to and why there are people out there looking for creative innovators to purchase goods and services from.
  • How 80% of the jobs our children will be doing don’t yet exist and why the internet is so vast now, people are looking to pay for access to good information from experts quickly and efficiently to fix certain problems and issues.
  • Why when it comes to life and parenting you have to find and do what works for you, not somebody else.
  • The future around working mums and how Lauren sees the future as positive for mums looking to return to the workplace and craft a working life that really fits in around, and benefits the family unit.

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