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John Lee Dumas Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas is one of the most successful podcasters right now having started his own podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire back in 2012. It is now one of iTunes top ranked business podcasts. Over the past few years he has interviewed 1000’s of the top entrepreneurs on the planet on his weekly podcast (which was a first for the industry in 2012). His amazing guests have included such as Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin, & Barbara Corcoran to name a few.

He is a published author, speaker and has done keynote speaking at some of the largest industry expo’s such as Podfest in March this year in Orlando, sharing the stage with giants of the podcast world like Jordan Harbinger and Pat Flynn.

On top of this JLD is a successful entrepreneur in his own right and his multi-faceted Entrepreneurs on Fire business has built into a 6 figure a month, 7 figure a year business.

I was massively privileged for JLD to fit me into his extremely packed schedule when he dropped into Positive Impact recently, and in this whistle conversation I had with him we go into his world and he drops some massive value bombs which you can take away and apply. You will get to really benefit from his many years of interviewing some of the top minds on the planet in what it takes to get to the very top.


Not only this but as a first for Positive Impact I have transcribed a full text of my interview with JLD as a pdf but you can only go to this but visiting my website and registering your details. As a special bonus I will be adding a copy of my key takeaways from the end of the podcast to really drive home the areas on which you should be focussing.



In this interview John Lee Dumas and I discuss:

  • How for many top Entrepreneur’s money and wealth are the driver for most to get to the top, but when they get to the top the next level is impact. 
  • Why Aaron Young has had the biggest impact on JLD, and how he was already making waves before he launched his entrepreneurial career.  A person who really cares!!!
  • How a lot of entrepreneurs point to the relationship building skills and networking they got from formal education and by being class mates, and being in the same schools as others who went onto great things.
  • Why in 2020 and beyond there will less focus on formal education except for Dr’s and Lawyers and how this will be a challenge for the education system.
  • How the University system was an unbelievably good business model previously but it has become saturated, and saddled students with hundreds of thousands worth of debt.
  • The top attributes of entrepreneurs including morning routine, productivity, focus and discipline
  • How JLD cites Hal Elrod (author of The Miracle Morning) as one of the most humble people he knows, and why what he does is so inspiring, so motivational and what makes the man so down to earth.
  • The secret to why individuals like Sir Richard Branson seem so calm whilst being at the top of such large organisations.
  • JLD’s top tips for Productivity, discipline and focus and why everybody you have never heard of quit, and stopped putting in the reps to get to the top.
  • The simple fact that most top Entrepreneurs use SMART goals to achieve what they want. And how high achievers and successful entrepreneurs set and accomplish goals, make it happen and don’t take no for an answer.
  • Why you should (once your business is monetized) delegate and hire people at every area you are not great at, so you can focus on that one area that you need to focus on as an entrepreneur. One of the key takeaways from our discussion!!!
  • Why imposter syndrome was JLD’s biggest fear when starting to interview the top people he has.
  • Why masterminds are the key to your success with 2-3 other people you know like and trust, who help you set goals and hold you accountable, so when you begin to doubt yourself they can hold you up
  • JLD’s daily routine from start to finish.

Stuff we discussed during our conversation

Arron Scotty Young

Hal Elrod

Tony Robbins

Sir Richard Branson

JLD’s Freedom Journal


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