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Design the Life of Your Dreams Chris Dufey on the Positive Impact Podcast with Joe Horton

Chris Dufey is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, film maker, health nut and ice cream lover.

Currently living between Bali, Australia and LA with his daughters and wife, he is the Founder and CEO of Coaches Cartel and is obsessed with helping coaches grow their dream businesses and lives.

Recently recognised as a ’Top Young Entrepreneur In Dubai” and published in online and print publications, and showcased in multiple top podcasts. Chris is the creator of The Chris Dufey Show, has authored ‘Your First 100 Clients’ and ‘Craving The Truth’ and the upcoming film ‘A Life Worth Living’.

Chris is known to be a world class strategist and business coach that has a knack for helping his clients earn more money, impact more people and live with freedom whilst doing the work they love.

Chris loves to blow minds… And with a no-fluff, to the point, yet charismatic way of impacting, educating and inspiring people from the stage. Chris is confident in “wowing” you with the topics of online business growth, how to create a business and life you love along with lifestyle design.

Living each day the life of an entrepreneur, CEO, author, film maker, father, husband and friend… Chris knows how to juggle life’s responsibilities and succeed.

Chris and I discussed the following during our conversation.

  • How Chris was originally stuck in the time for money trap around the same time as his first daughter was born whilst he was living in Dubai, he was training clients in the gym but only getting paid when he was working. He wanted more freedom.
  • After a full day of clients he raced home and his daughter was asleep, he wasn’t being the man he wanted to be something had to change, that was the catalyst for his personal change.
  • His next step was to move to Bali and where he started his online business.
  • How fathers (and mothers) often miss their children during the working week and only see them properly at weekends.
  • Why you must give yourself the headspace to ask why? Question what it is that you want, what are your goals, who is the person you want to be? Instead of what you think you want or what other people have told you that you want.
  • The stressful time during the birth of his first and second children and how that’s now changed with his impending arrival.
  • The difference between a growth mind-set and a closed mind-set.  If you have a growth mind-set, you are looking for it, always pivoting, always making it better, how can we make it perfect, getting better and better. You can apply this to all areas of your life.
  • His starting point with clients is to work out where they are in different areas of their life.
  • Why there is no such thing as work life balance but there are seasons of life.  When you look at all areas of life you can see that in certain seasons you will be into certain areas, and other seasons in other areas.
  • If you want to do something great, you have to forget about work life balance, at least for a period of time.
  • How the small things that you do over a long period of time are how you make a massive impact, and day by day processes. Chris’ view is that goals are for losers, systems are for winners.
  • You can post it note non negotiables and this need not be complicated, what are the non-negotiables for you each day?
  • Why it’s Important that you don’t get wrapped up in the how of what you are doing and over complicate things.
  • The self-sabotaging nature of making things complicated to avoid doing them.
  • How to use the minimum effective dose to get to where you need to get to.
  • When it comes to energy vampires, this goes for every area of life, so you should be cutthroat with who you allow into your life and who we surround ourselves with.
  • What are you distracting yourself with that is preventing you from going after what you want to do?
  • At the beginning of each year, Chris identifies 4 things he needs to do better.  He is conscious and deliberate about what he needs to learn in order to achieve those 4 things, as that’s where he finds you are most likely to get distracted from what is serving you.
  • Chris identified the systems he uses – 1. Measure backwards, 2. How you celebrate your progress, 3. List 3 areas want to achieve in next 90 days, 4. Projects, 5. Key actions, 6. Checkpoints 30 & 60 days. 7. Month, week, day, what are you doing. Snapshot review of the week. 8. Daily morning routine and 3 most important tasks in the morning. 9. What are you doing in other areas of life, snapshot review of the day.
  • The components for Chris achieving a great day are 1. Simplicity, 2. Depth of work, 3. Spending time with family
  • At the end of every week, Chris carries out a review of the week:

1. Biggest win for week and how he will celebrate  

2. His rating in all areas of life,  

3. Did he complete last week’s 3 projects? If not why and what needs to be done to complete them? What worked and what didn’t work? What did he learn? What did he stop doing or start doing? Who does he ask for help?

4.What major tasks are coming up in the week ahead? Next week will be a win if? What are the targets for the win? What other responsibilities?

  • Chris then schedules everything in a checkbox and schedules out = family ,self, growth, chill time, which he does on a Friday afternoon.
  • Chris has found that the above process stops him from lying to yourself – that’s why journaling is such a good habit for getting this all down on paper.

Stuff we discussed during our conversation

Clockwork by Michal Michalowicz

Profit First by Michal Michalowicz

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

How to find out about Chris and get in touch with him:





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