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Photo of Brock Johnson on the Positive Impact Podcast How to Master your Instagram Stories

Want to Master your Instagram Stories? Then check out my discussion with Brock Johnson.

Brock Johnson is a 22-year-old college student who has grown up into the world of social media and is an expert on social media, having advised 1000’s of entrepreneurs on how to use quick video clips to connect and build their businesses. He is the CEO of Unwrap Stories which helps business and brands tell their stories on social media.

Brock started using social media to build a business in the 5th grade, using twitter to market and sell a magnetic bracelet worn by many of the professional sports stars he admired. He has a unique two-sided perspective of the power, and potential dangers, of what many parents don’t know is actually happening in social media.

As a Social Media Stories marketing coach, he hosts Social Media Money Makers, The Build your Tribe podcast with his mom Chalene, and is an online-entrepreneur in his own right running a 6 figure business.

Brock knows first-hand how to build a booming business with limited time and money!  

His mission is to help you grow your brand, and effectively market yourself using Stories – he is passionate about helping others to do this to great success.

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Social Media, it’s an area that we have all grown accustomed to in the past 10-15 years with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat becoming part of the fabric of society, and how we communicate.  Some of us love social media, some of us hate it, but wherever you fall on the spectrum social media is here to stay – for the time being anyhow. But…….it’s constantly changing and evolving, the way in which social media works, the tools you can use on social media, the algorithms, the hashtags, the videos, the photos. In 2019 if you are promoting your brand or business you need to be aware of social media even if you don’t plan on using it right now or are only dipping your toe in the water. To some industries, social media is all the rage, to others it’s yet to blow up, but be prepared and you will be well armed to capitalise at the right time.

What impressed me the most about my conversation with Brock was the way he has such a wise head on young shoulders particularly when describing a healthy relationship toward social media, taking breaks from social media, and his mature and sensible attitude to technology.  He is one young man who we will be seeing a lot of in the future such is the impact he is having right now already at 22. Check out my discussion with Brock to find out how to Master your Instagram Stories.

In my conversation with Brock we discuss the following:

  • How LinkedIn could be really big in 2019 because they are adding so many features right now and why it will blow up, along with podcasting and IGTV.
  • How you can use Tick Tock as a test bed to hone your skills in putting your face on video and camera and why it’s such an addictive format.
  • Why it’s possible to find success on every platform because there are billions of people on each of these platforms, and it’s the way you make contact with your audience that really counts.
  • How every platform has different tools to fit your skillset the best.
  • Why you should ask yourself the following questions – where is your audience? What are you comfortable with? What is your best skillset?
  • The main platforms you should be focussing on in 2019 in this order: – Instagram, Facebook, Podcasting, YouTube, LinkedIn. 
  • How Brock is focussing his efforts on YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, more IGTV content and LinkedIn Video content.
  • How people crave realness and authenticity online, and why being more human, makes you more likeable and trustworthy.
  • The sweet spots for Instagram feed videos being 30 seconds long and IGTV videos 3-4 minutes long
  • Why Brock focusses so much on stories, and how you can do long form videos split over lots of sections in your Instagram stories.
  • What your priorities should be when first starting out on Instagram and what to focus on once you are up and running such as Instagram Stories, your Feed, IGTV, and Instagram live video.
  • Why Instagram is really promoting IGTV right now.
  • HACK ALERT  – Consider moving your stories to video before they expire after 24 hours.
  • How you should post stories 10 times a day, throughout the day to take the stress off your shoulders thus ensuring your stories bubble moves right up to the top of the general feed again.
  • How to test your baseline level of engagement on your feed, it could be every other day or 3 times a day.
  • Brock suggests posting to IGTV and LIVE, usually once or twice a week
  • Why consistency is important but not getting too obsessed if you miss posting for a few days.
  • How you can post up to 11 hashtags in your stories but why 3-4 hashtags in each story is optimum.  
  • Hashtags and why they are the best way to organically, grow your audience.
  • How Brock grew his own audience by conducting a real in depth look at hashtags and designing a course HELP WITH HASHTAGS. Brock has found out a way to find your most niched list of hashtags that works for you that he used himself to grow from 2000, to 30,000 followers. Brocks step by step video based guide covers how to use hashtags in stories, your bio and IGTV.
  • The two types of posts that Instagram uses ‘recently posted posts’ and ‘top posts’ and how HELP WITH HASHTAGS helps to get your post amongst the ‘top posts’.
  • Master your Instagram Stories and you will master Instagram

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