Bobby Maximus – Your Brain is your biggest muscle

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Bobby Maximus has worked within the fitness and health industry for 10 years and was voted among the fittest 100 men of all time in Men’s Health Magazine (a magazine he also contributes to).

He is a former Toronto Police Officer and former UFC Fighter. In addition to this Bobby holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, English and Education.

Bobby offers his training services to individuals and companies worldwide and in the past has advised such high profile organisations as the US Special Forces. He is a highly coveted speaker with his own podcast ‘The Maximus Podcast’ which was launched in January 2019. He has also authored his own health and fitness book –  ‘The Maximus Body’.


With so much of the diet and fitness world dominated by the latest fad diet and fitness plans which promise the earth, working out what is fact and fiction can be tricky.  My discussion with Bobby really gets to grips with this from the get go, as he cuts through a lot of the fiction like a hot knife through butter. So much of what we do in life is around mind-set and Bobby quite rightly puts this at the forefront of his approach and his teachings around health and fitness.  This is why his quote that your brain is the most important muscle in your body holds true time and time again. Check out our conversation to find out why you really do have to put in the work – every damn day.

In this interview Bobby and I discuss:

  • Why good exercise habits are the basis for success in fitness
  • How to be fit for everyday life
  • Why specific exercise programs won’t always be as important as simply doing the work
  • Why most people fail on dedication and commitment to their goals
  • How to avoid distractions in order to turbo charge your performance
  • The minimum amount of time required to have the desired effect on performance
  • The pros and cons of group exercise
  • The importance of having good (and positive) people around us
  • The cancer of negativity that holds people back
  • Why mental improvement and an improvement in your overall mind-set is the pre-cursor to success in the gym
  • The two secrets to making the goals in your head become a reality
  • Mind Pain vs Physical Pain – the self-talk and inner dialogue connect
  • Geographical attitudes to mental health and why the stigma of this can prevent you from reaching your full physical potential.
  • The basics of good nutrition and some tips and tricks to make this stick
  • The importance of great coaches and mentors who can help you with the mental aspect
  • Why having great people around you is so important
  • The mental preparation of going into a competitive fight.
  • The battle to get into the right mindset

Stuff we mentioned during our conversation

Bobby’s Book ‘The Maximus Body’

Brian Cain

Joe Cebula

How you can link up with Bobby

Bobby’s Website:



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