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Bernardo Moya standing up giving a presentation to a group of people

Bernardo Moya has a long and distinguished career as an entrepreneur and is an author, publisher, TV producer & Editor in Chief of the Best You Magazine.

He is also the CEO of NLP Life Training which is the world’s largest Neuro Linguistic Programming Organisation.

Bernardo has been an entrepreneur over 30 years and is also the founder of The Best You which is one of the top personal development organisations in the world, and the Best You Legacy Clubs which are a mastermind group to help craft some of the superstar achievers of tomorrow.

The Best You expo (held in London in February) which Bernardo and his team organise is the UK’s biggest personal development event held over two days which includes an awards ceremony for some of the movers and shakers with the personal development industry.


Bernardo is led by his unwavering belief in social, personal, professional and global responsibility, and is passionate about helping others through his book and his platforms NLP Life and The Best You.

In his pursuit of self-improvement, Bernardo founded The Best You in 2009, and as Chief Inspiration Officer, continues to grow the company, which now includes 8 product lines, 26 international staff and numerous partners. He has organised and promoted seminars for the most highly respected figures in the field of personal development, among them are icons Sir Clive Woodward, Baroness Michelle Mone, Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Jason Vale. As the editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine, Bernardo has interviewed amazingly inspiring people, including Barbara De Angelis, John De Martini, Paul McKenna, Dave Asprey, Simon Sinek and many more.

Everyone has a journey in life and Bernardo Moya is no exception. 

In this interview Bernardo and I discuss:

  • His upbringing and where his career began in real estate
  • How his career path got him to where he is today
  • His journey from business failure to business success and the lessons he learnt along the way which have shaped him as a person and entrepreneur.
  • The point at which he started his own journey of self-development and how he became involved in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the self-development industry.
  • The basics of NLP and how it works.
  • What some of his biggest challenges have been on his journey
  • Why self-improvement movements are on the rise, why people need to find their true purpose in life and why this is so important.
  • How you can find out what your legacy is and what motivates people to change.
  • Why being able to park your Ego at the door is such a game changer for most people
  • The mental challenge of writing and publishing his first book
  • The inspiration behind his new book  – The Question
  • The questions you should be asking yourself on a daily basis.
  • The current state of the self-development industry and wider world
  • Why fact based thought leadership is what could bring about real change in the future
  • How writing your own Eulogy could be the most powerful exercise you ever do.
  • Why you need to be a little bit more selfish in order to get the most out of your life.

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