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Barnaby Wynter on the Positive Impact Podcast with Joe Horton Supercharge your brand in the digital economy

Barnaby Wynter is Marketing and Rebrand Expert, Keynote Speaker, Paleontologist, Founder of The Brand Bucket Company, Author and Serial Entrepreneur.

He is on a mission to help businesses make Marketing 4.0 work and harness the change of buyer power in a digital economy.

Over 30 years ago, smarter people than him created The Brand Bucket 6 step buying decision-making process. He was lucky to be introduced to this in 1997 and even more lucky to be able to buy it 4 years later.

Set at the heart of a Top 200 agency and one of the UK’s first truly integrated marketing communications agencies, with it Barnaby was able to navigate the shift from Marketing 3.0 to Marketing 4.0 between 2001 and 2010. The Brand Bucket got stronger as an approach, as demonstrated by the 470 brands that he was personally involved in bringing to market during that period (list available on request).

So, what changed?

Put simply, the buyer has taken control of the buying process, away from the brand owner. As a result, the role of marketing has changed entirely. Its primary function has become to enable people to find you, to inspire them, to nurture them and hold their hand as they make a decision to buy, taking them through the purchase and then helping them get the most from your product or service.

Marketing affects every part of the buyer experience and builds commercial relationships.

The Brand Bucket has replaced other outdated acquisition models for every business that has embedded it, providing a proven strategic template for businesses to align directly alongside their systems and processes as they are being designed around customer experience.

Currently The Brand Bucket approach is being embedded in a few select corporates via The Brand Bucket Company, a ten year old integrated marketing agency, supported by introductions to the approach via keynotes to conferences, via masterclasses to CEO groups and via books, blogs and banter online.

There has never been more pressing time to supercharge your brand in a digital economy.

Barnaby and I discussed the following in our conversation:

  • What exactly branding is and how Barnaby was tasked with finding the definition of branding earlier in his career.
  • How branding has become a relationship and how every single touch point should be telling your story to your buyer.
  • How the way people buy has fundamentally changed, and how the information has shifted away from the seller or brand and onto the buyer, by virtue of the internet.
  • Why the buyer of 2019 is far more knowledgeable than ever before.
  • The shouty nature of 80s adverts that is still prevalent in TV in 2019
  • How there is so much ‘noise’ right now in branding but those that have worked out how to do it properly are more sophisticated and capitalizing because of this.
  • Why your expertise and experience needs to be translated into valuable content and how outsourcing of content writing needs to be done with great care.
  • How 80% of buying decisions start in google and why within seconds people can find a solution. By the time you contact the seller you have already qualified their value.
  • Buyers in 2019 are interested in insight, knowledge, and expertise rather than your heritage, they want to know how they can work with you.
  • How your brand is an outcome of your good marketing, whereas branding is applying the discipline of marketing across systems and marketing.
  • How the way you answer the phone, your staff dress, what your premises look like and the consistency of your stationary should all be part of your marketing experience and touch points.
  • Why the biggest problem Barnaby sees in companies is that they have no value proposition

How Barnaby works with with the 4 ‘B’s:

1. What is your behavioral style? – people buy from people they like and who are like them.

2. Many companies tend to blast features, whereas what people buy is benefits.

3. Begin with the end in mind as referenced by Stephen R .Covey – what do you want people to believe about your product or service?

4. What to you want to be famous for?

  • How sales people are not so much the gatekeeper to the brand as they used to be and customers are ready to buy already by the time they come to you
  • Why new business need to work out what their niche is and how it benefits the customer in their value proposition. The style of how you do things matters e.g. Celebrity chefs
  • Next is to categorize what your audience is. Psychographics, you create a profile of your ideal customer, that is what you target your marketing at. What they do, their ambitions, dreams, problems, desires, where they hang out, what they buy, spend their time on? Easy to create using a photo montage from magazines. Often the person we sell to is a person like us.
  • The discussion around authenticity and whether the argument for a rough and ready approach is simply a lazy mans way of going about the value proposition. Why Barnaby feels that authenticity needs to be born out of a strong branding strategy!!
  • You don’t find customers any more – they find you. The trick is to be everywhere they go. 83 percent of the time they go to google. Blogs, LinkedIn, Hub Spot say 2000 words long once a month on blogs. Got to be on YouTube.  If you are selling on Amazon make sure you are all up to date. Offline – speak at events, Pinterest and Instagram, go to exhibitions. Trick is to get found
  • Get found by your target market!!!!!!
  • Forget your peers and tell people what you know, the more you communicate what you know the better you will get. Consider using a teleprompter app for video content.
  • For writing talk into your phone or pc, using programs like dragon dictation or freelance services like, – grow your confidence all the time.
  • The part the education systems plays (or lack of) in your creativity for branding and marketing and why you must learn this skill yourself
  • How the creative industry really brings on some of the smartest, high energy and dynamic young individuals.

Barnaby’s Top Tips:

  1. All businesses must start with the value proposition – the story you tell as to why you are worth more than the money in their pocket
  2. The type of person you want to buy from you – don’t try to sell to everyone
  3. Use a marketing system – preferably a 6 step engagement model
  4. Everyone is looking for you – be found, flood the market with what people want
  5. From a creative point of view, create some kind of Icon that is synonymous with your story, e.g. Nike Swoosh, Heinz 57. Create iconography that is unique to your business and which locks into your customers brain that they are in a safe place.

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