About Positive Impact

Welcome to Positive Impact!

I have been impressed throughout my life when I meet people who simply glow with positivity and enthusiasm. It’s like a walking ray of light has just walked into the room.

These rare individuals make an impact on those around them that is both impressive but at the same time infectious. You simply can’t be around these types of people without their inspiration and magic rubbing off on you. The effect they have on those close to them and the world around them is nothing short of incredible.

This is why I started the Positive Impact Movement as a resource and community for those looking to improve themselves and the lives of those around them. I believe the world needs more people like I have described above.

“But”……..I hear you say! “Those ‘types’ are gifted, they are charismatic, they are good looking, they can talk eloquently”.

They may be all of the above things but most of these attributes are learned and can be learned.

The purpose of Positive Impact is to give you all the information and resources you require to learn how to improve yourself, your life and enrich the lives of others.

3 things which are essential to making a positive impact:

1. Improve your Positive Impact by improving yourself

2. Improve the lives of your immediate family and friends

3. Improve the lives of everyone you come into contact with in the wider world

…………………..then repeat.

It really is as simple as that.

More about me

Hi! I am Joe Horton.

I grew up in the 80’s went to school in the 90’s and have lived most of my adult life after the year 2000. Like most people I remember over the course of my life coming into contact with people who have had a positive influence on me which include teachers, bosses, family friends and even people who I have found to be inspirational on T.V or in books and magazines.

I remember vividly driving past speakers corner in Hyde Park (London) when I was a boy in the 80’s and asking my Dad why people were standing on milk crates and talking to crowds of onlookers. My Dad said to me something I will never forget which was “that’s because we live in a country where there is free speech, so you have the right to say what you want no matter how horrible it is or how much people disagree with you”.

Fast forward to 2018 and the world is more polarized that it has ever been. People with differing views and opinions shout down and denigrate each other and the popular media feed on this steaming pile of negativity like a vulture – regurgitating it as news or some version of truth or opinion.

Facts and analysis of such facts are rare as this heaving juggernaut of sniping, denigration and judgement roll along the highway of life and into our conscious minds like a cancer which affects our world view. In the 24/7 connected world we live in the illusion depicted everywhere is that of a world falling apart.

What happens to our collective psyche? We become closed to possibility and opportunity, dogmatic, suspicious, scared and………..negative.

I believe many of us are losing our excitement, our inspiration and our why. We are losing that youthful voice that once told us “you can be anything you want to be”.

We are meeting fewer people who ignite that voice inside us, ignite that inner most spark and drive to push beyond that which we thought was impossible.

It’s time to re-ignite that spark.

I have no formal expertise, I am just an ordinary married guy with 2 kids but with a passion to reverse the tide of negativity with the only thing I know how…….

A tidal wave of unrelenting positivity unleashed on the world and I invite you to join me on this journey – want to get involved?

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